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12th Arts Are you also going to pass 12th Arts subject this year and have you also passed 12th board or your twelfth Arts this year but now you are not able to understand what to do now, so today we are going to talk about Know about some diploma courses in 12th Arts subject, after doing which you can do well. Which diploma course do you like the most? Do tell us in the comment box.

1.12th Arts After Dled:

– Friends, this is a diploma course whose duration is about 2 years. After completing this diploma course, you get a certificate and after this certification, you can teach pre-primary children in any school. And in this course you are given training to study for pre-primary children and it is different in every state, in some states you get direct admission and in some states you get admission in it after giving interest exam. is

2. Diploma in foreign language: –

If you have also done 12th with Arts subject then diploma course can be very good for you because in this you are told how to talk in foreign language and you go to do diploma in foreign language and After doing this, you can become a foreign language translator, foreign language helper, guide and tourist guard at many places

.3. Diploma in Interior Designing:-

If you are very fond of creativity and you are also a creative person, then you can go into this field, in this you will learn about furniture and how to decorate the interior of the house. You are given guidance, this is a diploma course and if you want, you can also get master in it, only one thing is requested of you for this, that is you have to be creative.12th Arts

4. BBA:-

Its full form is Business and Administration, which is a graduation diploma course. Friends, its working method is of 3 years, after doing this you can do Master and you can also do MBA. In this you can do business. You are taught how to manage it and after doing this you can get a good package during placement or in big offices.

5. BA:-

Friends, its full form is Bachelor in Art. Friends, this course B is of 3 years and after doing it, you can do M.A. and can also get yourself a master’s degree. After doing this, you will get Packages and jobs can be found at many places

6. Fashion designing: –

Friends, if you also like sewing clothes and making new designs with great creativity, then you can do a course in fashion designing. After doing a fashion designing course, you can also get a good salary package in it. There are many big institutes for fashion designing which provide masters degree and also diploma courses. After doing this, you can initially start from a small level and later you can also go for your business. Are

7. 12th Arts After LLB:-

Friends, you can make your career in the public sector also and if you also like studying law then you can do this course. You can do it even after graduation, for this you will have to It will take 2 years and if you want to direct after 12th then you can do integrated course i.e. BA+LLB which will take you 4 years and after doing LLB you can also get a master’s degree in it.

8. Data scientists:–

Ever since computers came into our world, big companies need a target audience to deliver their services to all the people and it is the work of identifying the target audience that the data scientist does. And if you also like analyzing data and reading data, then you can get placement in big companies by doing a degree as a Data Scientist or Data Analysis and its starting package ranges from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 50 Lakh

Which of these courses did you like? Which of these courses are you interested in doing? Do tell us in the comment box. If you want full details about any of these courses, then you can join our WhatsApp group. We will provide you full details in it. will get it done

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