If you want to clear Prelims then Do this 2019

For aspirants those who wants to become an IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS officer should crack prelims, mains, and Interview. But as many aspirants found so much difficult in clearing the prelims 2019 itself. Clearing prelims is not the toughest job. If we plan according to the points we have given below, then its a cake walk to clear this examination. Let’s jump in. 

1. First put more focus on revision and previous year’s question practice.

2. The questions which are getting wrong try to get the answer of them, the concept involved and write it down so as later on you can revise effectively. So that it will helpful to clear the preliminary examination 2019

3. For current affairs on a whole you can revise the notes which you made out of newspaper or else you can also buy Vishal’s current affairs book as it contains section wise information for the whole year in precise manner.

4. Try to practice more as speed factor and accuracy should be taken into consideration. Allocate at least 3 to 4 hrs for question practice in a day.

5. Give your maximum in revision part. Try to revise many times and also revise different subjects in a day, this will reduce your boredom and will also help you in integrating several topics on a common line.

6. Put at least 5 to 7 hrs in revising the subjects before the Prelims examination.

7. Take a very sound sleep, don’t take any stress, be relaxed, have patience and positive attitude. Feel free from negativity associated if any.

8. Always remember that you have infinite potential in you and if you use them effectively you can do anything. But use that potential in positive direction. Don’t compare yourself or your results with others as this is sure that no one knows everything and all is relative, so just concentrate on yourself and be confident.

9. Always try to be happy. If you are happy then your mind will absorb the informations you read in the text book.

10. Always avoid Social networks. Its really harmful to your Time, Intellectual thinking and also it will act as Content overloading.

11. Stop speaking with the people’s those who are too negative in their way of thinking and speaking. It will affect’s your stability in the mind level.

12. Always think like mature personality. Don’t be light heart when you face failures.

13. Making short notes will help you clear the prelims 2019.

14. Always make separate notes for prelims and mains perspective. Because at the final stage near the examination you might get confused by seeing a huge bulk notes.

15. Never ever discuss and predict the questions with your Friends before Prelims 2019 examination. It will affect your examinations.

These are the important points you should aware before going to the prelims examinations this year 2019. Try your best. You will succeed. 

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