How to approach GS PAPER 1 – Useful Informations Attached

When we approach for the main examination then the Gs-1 Paper is the first paper you have to prepare for. Gs-1 Paper consists of Indian Heritage, Culture, Indian History  and Geography of the World and Society. Everything in this paper seems important in all aspects. Nice revision and proper understanding in the base topics will fetch you good marks in the Gs-1 Paper. And also your proper writing practise is an added advantage.

These are the points are the most important to read in terms of GS Paper – 1

  1. It is for sure that no one knows everything so just be confident and sure for yourself and with positive attitude start answering.
  2. Try to answer first those questions for which you are almost 100% sure.
  3. Cover every section and don’t get upset or panic if you find many questions for which you are not at all sure.
  4. U will find ease at polity, modern Indian history etc .Just try to do those questions.
  5. Then start your elimination process. Very carefully use this process and eliminate wrong options and try to think with rationality and choose the correct answer.
  6. In order to have a smooth sail just focus on revision and maximum question practice.
  7. Don’t try to attempt all questions or 90% questions because negative marking is really unfortunate and it will reduce your marks, so if you have answered 75 questions also its well and good.
  8. Don’t compare your answers with others after the exam as it may have negative impact on your paper II.
  9. Just be relaxed after your exam because you can’t do anything now so its better to give maximum on paper II so that you can be placed in safe and secured zone.
  10. After Prelims don’t try to much ponder upon it, start your mains preparation , answer writing etc .
  11. Always remember this exam is relative so don’t underestimate yourself. You have worked hard and intelligently for sure UPSC will make you through. Just keep negative thoughts aside.

Always remember:

“When we embark in our vision and mission, we must remember at dawn that there is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk. Everyday commitment has to be there, Commitment is an act, not a word. We must act out passion before we can feel it.”

“One first chooses a goal in life worth achieving, then burn with that idea, then life must now run the course that’s been set for it.”

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