How to solve comprehension type questions in Prelims

How to write the passage in the General Studies Paper 2 in Prelims. In the case of comprehension the following tips will be useful to clear this section easily.

1. One has to mix understanding and fast reading both.

2. Don’t form your own opinion that will color your understanding clearly the intention of the author and give negative results.

3. Practising helps you increase your test-taking speed and allows you to pinpoint the areas that you need to work on the most.

4. As you read through the passage for the first time, it is a good idea to use a pencil or highlighter to underline ideas, quotes, or other information that seems important and may appear in questions. It can also be a good idea to read the first question before starting the passage; that way you have a specific question in mind the whole time you are reading the passage, so you will likely stumble across the answer during your read-through.

5. Reading the Passage
A common mistake among reading comprehension test takers is the assumption that they do not need to read the whole passage presented to them. While it may be possible to skip to the questions and then go back and attempt to answer each question individually be finding the part of the passage that deals with that question, this tactic causes you to have a hazy understanding of the passage as a whole, and may lead to confusion. It is always a good idea to read though the entire passage at least once, even if that read is brief. An overall understanding of the themes and arguments in the passage is important.


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