Mini Tips for answer writing for Mains exam UPSC Civil Services

In civil service examination you have to present your answer in the descriptive type answer. You have to be core to the point while you writing your answer. Examiner won’t take much time to analyse your answer. In that time you have to impress the examiner. So how can be it done. Here are the few tips for answer writing in UPSC mains Civil service examinations. 

Mains Answer writing Tips: Civil Service UPSC

1. In Geography use maximum diagrams and maps to supplement your answer.
Maps, Pictures, Flowcharts could really help you to get good marks.
Refer Certified Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong

2. In Science and Technology use pictorial representations to fetch more marks.
Block diagrams could also help in this regard.
Refer Developments in Science and Technology Spectrum

3. In Environment part use different examples and pictorial representations to justify your answers.
Refer Environmental studies from Crisis to Cure

4. In Polity give balanced opinion, give more examples from contemporary situation, use Indian Constitution
Refer Introduction to the Constitution of India 21st Edition, Author: Durga Das Basu

5. In Ethics just be familiar with ethical terms and try to connect them with life, people, society and country.

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